Explore bygone Rockhampton and district. The stories of Central Queensland. Indulge your senses in the significant events shaping this part of Queensland, Australia. Learn about the heroes, villains and spooks of the past.

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Anniversary of the Rockhampton River Festival

Every year since its conception the Rockhampton River Festival has drawn crowds. Here are recollections of the first Rockhampton River Festival event held. Rocky’s First … Read more

Deaths and Disasters: Bogantungan, QC Railway Line

Traveling along the Capricorn Highway today, blink and you might miss Bogantungan. Nestled at the foothills of the Drummond range, it was once a bustling … Read more

From Landfill to Oasis: The Transformation of Kershaw Gardens, Rockhampton

Kershaw Gardens in the heart of Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia, spans over 50 hectares. This verdant space was officially opened in 1988 by Harry Butler, … Read more

What’s the Meaning of Old Rockhampton Street Names

Curious about the Rockhampton street you live in? Or are you researching family history and looking for a Rockhampton address? Some street names of Rockhampton … Read more

Fitzroy River Floods And Historic High Flow Events

The mighty Fitzroy River in Queensland, Australia, boosts a large and complex catchment area. It can carry huge volumes of runoff to the sea from … Read more

Beach Sheds On Yeppoon Beach 1900s

A lot has changed in Yeppoon since it became a ‘resort’ village in 1873 and from when beach and bathing boxes began to line Yeppoon’s … Read more

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