From Landfill to Oasis: The Transformation of Kershaw Gardens, Rockhampton

Kershaw Gardens 1983

Kershaw Gardens in the heart of Rockhampton, Central Queensland, Australia, spans over 50 hectares. This verdant space was officially opened in 1988 by Harry Butler, as part of bicentenary celebrations. Who is Harry Butler? William Henry (Harry) Butler had a TV series, “In the Wild With Harry Butler”, from 1976 to 1981 on Australian ABC, … Read more

What’s the Meaning of Old Rockhampton Street Names


Curious about the Rockhampton street you live in? Or are you researching family history and looking for a Rockhampton address? Some street names of Rockhampton have changed over time. The following may help you find the origins. Rockhampton has grown since its beginnings along with its many street names, some with obscure origins. Not all … Read more